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Assesment Criteria

Assesment Criteria
Apply/Assesment Criteria

Applicants will be assessed on three main criteria:

Strength of growth plan (50%) weighting

  • The best entries will:
  • Clearly explain the current business model
  • Articulate a growth plan which is realistic in the light of current business activities
  • Have a growth plan which delivers signficant growth over the next 3 years
  • Identify the resources which are needed to achieve the growth plan

Social impact (25%) weighting

  • The best entries will:
  • Clearly explain how the growth of the business will positively benefit low income households, either as
    customers,suppliers or employees

Business ethics (25%) weighting

  • The best entries will:
  • Describe how the business seeks to operate transparently and ethically
  • Either pay or have an intension to move towards paying their employees a 'living wage'
  • Engage employees in the success of the business either through sales commission, a revenue share, profit share or shared ownership scheme.


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