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OPEN's dream is to see a thriving and sustainable rural economy in Bangladesh. It is a big dream; but thankfully one that is shared by many

OPEN's mindset is to collaborate with individuals and organisations who share the same vision. We want to have open conversations
about what involvement looks like, rather than starting with fixed agendas. If it works for you, works for us, and is good for OPEN, we want to do it!

There are opportunities to collaborate in the following areas:


What open can offer

Who might this appeal to

Find great rural entrepreneurs

We are constantly looking for people or organisations who can introduce us to talented rural entrepreneurs.

Train our entrepreneurs

We are on the lookout for successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and trainers who can share their wisdom at Training Camp.

Mentor our entrepreneurs

We are building a network of volunteer business mentors who can help our SGB's move to the next level.

Invest in our entrepreneurs

Come to OPEN's Pitch Event if you are an early stage investor who is interested in investing in rural Small and Growing Businesses in Bangladesh.

Sponsor OPEN

We are seeking sponsors who are aligned with our philosophy and excited about helping us scale OPEN.

  • The entrepreneurs you refer to OPEN get the chance to secure the support and investment they need to grow.
  • We promise you long days, hard work, good food and great fun.  More importantly, we offer you the chance to inspire a new generation of rural entrepreneurs.
  • We involve experienced entrepreneurs and investors as coaches at Training Camp on a voluntary basis.
  • We engage professional trainers at Training Camp
  • We link mentors to SGBs that match the mentor's particular areas of interest and expertise.
  • We are particularly interested in matching SGBs to mentors from their home district.
  • We offer opportunities to invest in rural SGBs which have been carefully selected and prepared for investment.
  • Mentors will have worked with these businesses over a 10 month period, so we know them well.
  • A partnership with OPEN will build your brand and highlight the values of your company.
  • We will treat you as a partner and commit to developing a long term relationship.
  • Our aim is to develop OPEN into a well known, talked about and respected program and to be known about internationally within 3 years.
  • NGOs, social enterprises or other organisations which have regular interactions and existing relationships with rural Small and Growing Businesses.
  • Click on this link to see our existing Scouting Partners
  • Successful entrepreneurs and angel investors who want to inspire and support emerging rural entrepreneurs.
  • Professional trainers with experience of training entrepreneurs.
  • Successful entrepreneurs and investors who have time to mentor one of our entrepreneurs.
  • Angel investors, local venture capital firms, banks and impact investors.
  • There are a range of sponsorship options available. Please contact us to explore further.

If you want to get involved please email us at info@open-accelerator.org

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