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Ideal Candidate

Ideal Candidate
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We present a couple of imagined 'ideal candidates' in order to show the type of entrepreneur which OPEN is designed for.

"My name is Mr Rahman. In 2010, I set up a business in Nilpamari district.  My business rents out farm machinery to farmers throughout the district. We also provide servicing and technical support . This gives farmers peace of mind and helps them make best use of the machinery to improve their yields. I currently employ 10 people and supply a broad range of machinery including two-wheel tractors, seeders, reapers and irrigation pumps to approximately 500 farmers. Demand for our services is high but we need investment and commercial support to take the business to the next level".

"My name is Harun. I run a seed business in Tangail District. We started in 2008 and now we have team of 25 people. We work with over 1,000 local farmers who help us grow our seeds. We currently preserve our seeds by renting space in a cold storage facility 50 km away. We would like to build our own cold storage facility, both for our own use and so that we can provide cold storage to local farmers.  We calculate that we could repay the investment of 5 core taka within 6 years.  We are looking for an investor who believes in what we are trying to do and can help us to grow our business."

These are just a couple of examples of potential applicants. There are many other types of rural SGBs that would be suitable. If you meet the eligibility criteria and do well against the assessment criteria, we welcome you to apply.

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