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What we do/Philosophy

Our dream

To see a thriving and sustainable rural economy in Bangladesh

Our mission

To give hard working, capable and ethical rural entrepreneurs access to the resources they need to significantly grow their businesses. Ordinary ideas + resources = extraordinary impact

Our approach

We proactively scout for rural entrepreneurs and assist them to apply. Participants are given a range of support including training, business mentoring, networking, media exposure and introductions to investors.

Re-writing the rules

Power is the primary language of today's global businesses. OPEN seeks to re-write this language and watch as opportunities, creativity and respect enter the system. OPEN involves people from different cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. We meet with the intent that together we might re-write some of the rules!

  • We will go to the country-side, not stay in the city.
  • We will speak Bangla as well as English.
  • We will meet in simple venues.
  • We will help shape and strengthen other's ideas, not seek to implement our own.
  • We will journey with people.
  • We will listen not assume.
  • We will build up and encourage.
  • We will love not fear.

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