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Susan Lloyd

Susan Lloyd

Susan has twenty years of development experience in Asia.  After working in the non-profit sector she decided to use her leadership and development experience in the for-profit sector through leadership development. 

What I do:
As a part of Monsoon Leadership Development Ltd (www.monsoon leaders.com) I aim to help leaders navigate uncertainty through professional coaching, consulting and training.   Susan is a certified professional coach through Active Results, LLC and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Why I do it:
I have seen that many leaders and managers need support from outside their organisations or companies to keep from burning out and to continue to lead well.  When leaders and managers operate well, I see a great trickle-down effect from the top to the lowest employees bringing success among employees and society. I enjoy seeing that come together.  I want to see organisations and companies in Bangladesh succeed for the good of people and society.  I think one of the keys to making that happen is through excellent leadership.

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